Theadstore is an online service which makes it easy for a wide range of businesses like stores, restaurants, fitness centers etc. to create beautiful and engaging content for their in-store screens. The setup process is very simple, you only need a screen, an internet connection and a mobile device or computer to get started. I began this SaaS project after shopping in a local clothing store, where the owner were frustrated, cause he couldn't find a service targeted small sized businesses, which were build with a commercial mindset and simple to use.

My role: Research, Product, UX Design, UI Design, Development
Brand site
To reflect the simplicity of the service, I strive to create a simple one-page sales site, which in few words communicate the essence and power of theadstore. You often hear the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words" and this also applies to theadstore. So I created a "What is theadstore" video and placed it in the top of the page, so users won't miss it. 
The tool
The main part of the service is the tool, where you create content for your screens. You can add content by using the different templates I've created. They are conceptualised with a design and commercial mindset which guides the user and helps them create new content in a glance. If you wish to be relevant with your content this is the service to use – simply grab your mobile device and record a video of your colleague wearing the new collection, upload it to theadstore and publish. Voila, your slideshow is updated and relevant.
Video tutorials
To kick-start new users to the platform, I've created a variety of video tutorials to get them started. It's been proven, that video tutorials has a positive effect on users, who needs to get started with a new subject. These tutorials are easy to produce, as I've got the Røde NT-USB microphone, screen record with my Macbook, add sound from and After Effects to create the final juice.
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