In early 2020 SEAS-NVE started the negotiations with Radius Elnet and Ørsted (B2C customers) to acquire these. A merge would transform us, to become the leading energy provider in Denmark,  with more than 1.2 mill. gas and electricity customers. The merge was a success and a new brand was born - Andel. Together with our sub brands: Clever, Nexel, Fibia, Watts, Andel Lumen and Rødsand 2 we at Andel Energi are on a mission to create a green and digital future.
My role
It was important for us to tie all the sub brands together under the Andel brand – still having their own CVI.  We hired e-Types, a Copenhagen based brand agency, to help us solve this massive challenge. I was part of the team working with the Andel Energi brand, from the beginning, looking at brand scenarios, different concepts, user tests, poc's etc. all the way to unfolding the final identity across our different digital touch points: web, app, self service, social. And also overlooking the offline material.   
As we started designing our new website, we came to the realisation, that we had to bring along all the valuable learnings that we made, with our previous site. We have always been focusing on  a data driven approach, when designing new elements, sections or entire pages so we couldto throw all of this knowledge away. 
The platform is build as a range of modules of which you build pages - all made to work together and be flexible enough to give a varied impression over time. 
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